Meeple Day 2022

Meeple Day 2022

Meeple Day is coming! And you are invited to celebrate with us. 

Meeple day could be any day, but as part of our anniversary, we are making it official, by declaring July 26th the Meeplest of all days.

We will have giveaways, sales, and limited-edition merchandise. Are you ready for the fun? 

Selected items will be on sale from July 18th until August 5th, and the whole store during Meeple Day

The most exciting part for us: our 1st-anniversary limited edition merchandise ‘1 is not always a bad roll’, you can find it in t-shirts, tote bags, and stickers, available from July 22nd until September 30th

During this time we will sponsor and run giveaways throughout different platforms, to get more information and participate follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

Show us how you celebrate Meeple Day by using the hashtag #happymeepleday on Twitter and Instagram and get a chance to win our limited edition items. Here you can learn more about this giveaway.

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