From Hobbyist to Hobbyists

From Hobbyist to Hobbyists

In Colombia, board games aren’t as popular as in the US and the EU. I always like games and puzzles, but I didn’t have much access to them and I didn’t know how wide the board game world was. In 2017 I was introduced to Catan, and let me tell you that changed my life. 

By the time I learned about board games, I also learned about being autistic, which transformed how I saw myself and helped me understand who I am. And most importantly I finally got to recognize why my Social interactions were not as successful as I wanted them to be. 

I started using board games as a bridge that led me to socialization. I love it! For the first time it was okay if I was quiet, if I didn’t engage or participate in a conversation and it was normal to be focused and obsessed with something, and that something had  rules, structure, and it made sense to me. 

That is how the hobby opened multiple doors in my life, including The Meeps. I have always been a creative person, and I find extreme joy by doing things with my hands and more when it is by myself. Having the opportunity to found my own company where I get to make what I sell, is a dream come true. 

And I want to thank you, for reading this, for being here, for supporting us in social media, for shopping with us. Because those little moments are the ones that make The Meeps a reality. 

All my love and meeple hugs,


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